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In an era of technological advancement, the financial technology sector has wrought transformative changes upon the financial services industry at large. The pivotal role played by FinServ IT teams extends across improving consumer engagement, enhancing marketing strategies, optimizing transactional efficiency, and ensuring data accuracy. While operational challenges persist in the quest to serve customers and maintain competitiveness, the financial services landscape faces increasing IT concerns, which encompass:

IT has become a linchpin in the financial services sector's evolution, addressing these complex challenges to foster growth and innovation.

<span>Financial</span> IT Services from Techwave Systems

    Financial IT Services from Techwave Systems

  • Establish a hyper-vigilant security framework to proactively identify and combat cyber risks, safeguard your customers’ data, and protect your organization’s critical IT assets from both internal threats and external cyberattacks. Implement agile security responses to stay ahead of evolving threats. From mobile apps and web channels to ATMs, exercise proactive surveillance over every employee and end-user access, use, and transaction to thwart potential hacks and data breaches. Enhance security through secure user identities and role-based access policies, effectively mitigating security breaches. Identify and address anomalies in user behavior to protect against data exfiltration and the leakage of personally identifiable information (PII).

    Our solutions empower you to:

    • Aggregate logs from devices and applications worldwide, whether in hybrid or other environments, within a unified console. Employ machine learning for analysis to mitigate existing threats, predict potential network security issues, and pinpoint vulnerabilities.
    • Swiftly detect and neutralize malware and other cyberattacks at their inception through an automated threat response system.
    • Instantly respond to critical incidents by blocking file transfers and either deleting or quarantining files.
    • Conduct rapid forensic analysis to uncover attackers’ behavior in response to incidents and record the intelligence for future reference.
  • Adherence to industry regulations, such as PCI-DSS, GLBA, GDPR, and other data protection mandates, is essential for financial services organizations to establish a formal security program. Compliance with these regulations is vital for mitigating external threats, preventing insider privilege misuse, protecting end users’ data, and avoiding penalties and potential loss of merchant privileges.

    Our solutions empower you to:

    • Efficiently monitor access to confidential financial and personal information of your clients by tracking actions performed on files and folders.
    • Record and monitor users accessing systems, allowing the detection of potential abuse. Track the timing and location of login events, whether they were successful or failed, and the reasons for failures.
    • Maintain a detailed record of changes made to objects and groups within Active Directory, modifications to user rights and privileges, and adjustments in security policies.
    • Collect and securely archive audit log data, enabling you to review records of user activities on information systems and conduct forensic analysis in response to incidents.
    • Generate compliance reports that serve to monitor your alignment with regulatory requirements and facilitate auditing.
  • To gain and maintain your customers’ trust, it is crucial to consistently deliver reliable services across hybrid cloud environments and legacy systems, leaving no room for downtime that could jeopardize your reputation. The continuous availability of end-user applications and critical business services, such as payment gateways, is paramount to avoid potential business and revenue losses. Employ AI-driven proactive monitoring to safeguard endpoints, servers, and network devices, ensuring intrusion detection and preventing cyberattacks.

    Our solutions empower you to:

    • Monitor a wide range of network devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers. Efficiently manage IP addresses, switch ports, network configurations, firewalls, monitor bandwidth consumption, and optimize network traffic to safeguard against downtime.
    • Track and monitor the performance of both physical and virtual servers, storage, on-premises systems, and cloud applications, ensuring their uninterrupted operation.
    • Attain in-depth insights into the uptime and performance of your network components and applications through real-time monitoring, thus eliminating downtime and performance issues.
  • Enhance the mobile employee experience and elevate employee satisfaction by implementing mobility initiatives, such as adopting a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, expanding app usage, and allowing privacy preferences on corporate devices. Facilitate remote work for employees, vendors, and other stakeholders by establishing secure connections, enabling effective remote operations, and monitoring all remote devices and endpoints connected to your organizational network to proactively detect intrusions and prevent cyberattacks. Ensure that stringent financial regulatory compliance requirements are met while capitalizing on the advantages of mobility.

    Our solutions provide you with the capability to:

    • Efficiently enroll corporate devices in bulk and manage and secure them through features like location tracking, geo-fencing, device health monitoring, and secure browser options
    • Remotely install or uninstall applications and bolster device security by permitting or blocking specific apps.
    • Automatically deploy security patches for operating systems and third-party applications across all network-connected endpoints in bulk to fortify protection against vulnerabilities.

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