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Our Zoho experts assist you with managing, maintaining, and supporting your Zoho CRM so you can concentrate on running your core business and expanding it.

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    Why do you need Zoho Managed Services for your business?

    For all types of enterprises, Zoho Managed Services provides an affordable, scalable, and adaptable option when:

    • Your organisation lacks the bandwidth to accommodate full-time Zoho resources, or your internal Zoho development teams cannot handle the workload.
    • Your committed IT teams are too busy to make Zoho CRM work best for your company.
    • Your internal resources are unable to maximise the potential of Zoho, hence you require consulting advice on best practises.
    • Although you now work with a Zoho Partner, you’re trying to find one who has a deeper knowledge of your sector.
    • You lack the zoho expertise necessary to manage increasingly complicated business needs.
    • Customised reports and intelligent business dashboards are essential for your company, but they cannot be created by your own personnel.

    Instead of employing a freelancer or full-time employee to complete these tasks, you can use Zoho Managed Services to outsource them to a third-party vendor (like us).

    A team of highly qualified and experienced Zoho Certified Developers, Zoho Experts, Zoho Consultants, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Zoho Administrators, and Zoho Technical Support engineers—who have worked on startups, mid-scale, and enterprise-grade businesses—will be at your disposal when you choose to work with us.We give you the right tools, the right people, and the right price at the right moment. When you need something, you pay for it.

    Think for a moment about how much money, time, and resources your business may save by selecting our Zoho Managed Services.

    Let's create real-time applications using your ideas from scratch!

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    Why Choose Techwave Systems as your Zoho Managed Service Provider?

    Our Zoho Managed Services

    We have a pool of professional and experienced Zoho consultants, administrators, and developers at Techwave Systems that will guarantee that your business works effectively and that you get the most out of your Zoho investment. Contact our experts to learn how we will understand your business needs and give you with the best solutions for delivering Zoho managed services.

    • Zoho CRM

      Zoho CRM

      We can provide Zoho CRM specialists to manage your online apps. This will assist you in increasing your client satisfaction ratio and making your organization more effective than ever.

    • Zoho Analytics

      Zoho Analytics

      Integrate your business with Zoho analytics to get new insights. Our expert Zoho developers will help you develop on-demand reporting and business intelligence solutions that fit your business needs.

    • Zoho Creator

      Zoho Creator

      Looking for a suitable user interface for your web and mobile applications? Our Zoho experts can help you with whatever you need. They will help you leverage Zoho creator to automate your business processes and meet every business needs efficiently.

    • Zoho Books

      Zoho Books

      Our Zoho experts can assist you in obtaining the best-in-class accounting solution that allows you to track expenditures, transactions, and activity in your bank accounts. For your little or large-scale firm, they will integrate a third-party accounting application with Zoho books.

    • Zoho Marketing Automation

      Zoho Marketing Automation

      Hire Zoho experts from us to bring your sales and marketing closer using this feature-packed platform. Zoho Marketing Automation is a computerized stage that assists you with more visitors to the site, & transforms cold leads into hot leads, and transforms hot leads into deals with faithfulness.

    • Zoho People

      Zoho People

      Use the knowledge of our Zoho certified developers to quickly automate your HR procedures. They can assist you with integrating all of your personnel data in one location so that you can manage their appraisals, track performance, and attendance, among other things.

    • Zoho Bigin

      Zoho Bigin

      We have helped many start-ups, SMEs, and large-scale organizations to transform their customer relationships easily with the simplest yet powerful CRM solution- Zoho Bigin.

    • Zoho Campaign

      Zoho Campaign

      Zoho campaign is email marketing software that allows you to engage your existing and new audiences using responsive designs, customized messages, automated workflows, etc. Leverage our expertise in the Zoho platform to take your email marketing campaign to the next level.

    • Zoho Social

      Zoho Social

      Manage your brand on social media easily with Zoho social. We have helped many clients leverage this best-in-class social media engagement tool to grow their business presence online with Zoho social.

    • Zoho Recruit

      Zoho Recruit

      Work with our motivated Zoho experts to make your hiring process more convenient and hassle-free. They will help you utilize Zoho recruit to automate your hiring process and integrate all your efforts.

    • Zoho Page Sense

      Zoho Page Sense

      Boost conversions using conversion optimization and personalization platform named Zoho page sense. We can help you integrate this platform with your business website to measure the metrics, understand visitor’s behavior, and provide a personalized experience.

    • Zoho Sales IQ

      Zoho Sales IQ

      Zoho Sales IQ is an all-in-one live chat and analytics platform that helps your marketing, sales, and support team by providing the necessary tools to have the right kind of conversation with every site visitor at the right time. Connect with us to know how Zoho Sales IQ can help your teams.

    • Zoho Cliq

      Zoho Cliq

      We can help you streamline your team communication with organized conversations by easily integrating it with a tool- Zoho Cliq. It will help you and your teams to plan, track, collaborate and achieve project goals efficiently.

    • Zoho Projects

      Zoho Projects

      Zoho Projects is the best project management software that allows you to make a comprehensive plan for your projects, track the work being done, and collaborate with team members efficiently. Engage with us to see how we can help you leverage Zoho projects for your remote teams.

    • Zoho Docs

      Zoho Docs

      With our Zoho developers, you can bring your team to a secure and collaborative workplace by simply integrating business processes with Zoho docs. It lets your team store, share and sync the files securely across all your devices so that they can be accessed anywhere at any time.

    Hiring Zoho Provider

    Benefits of hiring a Zoho Managed Service Provider

    Techwave Systems offers a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to reduce overhead costs and efficiently manage their technical resources. By leveraging our services, you can benefit in the following ways:

    • Quickly Ramp Up Your Zoho Support Team: With our Zoho managed services, you can rapidly scale up your Zoho support team as your company grows. Rest confident that we will handle all of your assistance needs quickly
    • Reduce the Ongoing Zoho Support Costs: We are a globally renowned Zoho authorized partner with expertise in providing high-quality services that help you reduce your business’s on-going Zoho support costs.
    • Decrease the Risk of Managing Zoho Support: We have talented Zoho CRM developers skilled in meeting all your cloud CRM solutions needs, from analyzing to reducing the risk and pain of managing Zoho support yourself.
    • Get the Quality of Zoho Support: Techwave Systems has established its reputation in providing the best-in-class Zoho-managed support services to clients all across the world. When you work with us, you will get improved quality of Zoho support.
    • The Flexibility of Cost-Effective Engagement Model: Select the most flexible and cost-effective business engagement model we provide. Access our Zoho managed services to accelerate your customer-centric business.
    • Get the Best Return on Investment (ROI) on your Zoho Investment: We are the Zoho experts, knowledgeable in implementing the best Zoho products for your business so you get the best ROI on your Zoho investment.

    Our Business Model

    Techwave Systems is a leading software development company dedicated to providing
    cutting-edge solutions. With a focus on innovation and excellence

    Time & Material

    We take pride in offering comprehensive technical support and guidance for all the applications we develop. Whether you require assistance with integrating third-party services or enhancing your code with new features, our team is here to help you every step of the way.